Mathemagus 1.02

Image Mathemagus 1.02
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    Angry Ant Entertainment

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    Windows XP

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  • Updated:

    January 05, 2021

  • "A game to learn mathematics as if it were magic"

Mathemagus is the result of close collaboration between teachers who have tried to create a program that is really effective for the learning of the youngest in the house.

This excellent application features an educational game based on mathematical operations. The exercises are very varied, ranging from arithmetic studies to object counting. All Mathemagus tests are a link in the chain of interactive pyramids through which each user's progress can be controlled.

One of the elements that most amuse the little ones is the magician who makes an appearance in the game. Both this character and the turtle that accompanies him invite children to solve each exercise in the shortest time possible. If they wish, they can emulate Harry Potter and become true magician's apprentices competing against Myrgiana, a witch who will do everything possible to prevent them from achieving their mission.

Thanks to a well-adjusted difficulty curve, Mathemagus is ideal for children five years of age or older. In addition, the program includes other puzzles of great interest, highlighting the classic Sudoku above all.